What’s Good?

Welcome’s “Promo” Video

Yo What’s up? This is our first post, and we want to welcome anyone who needs assistance and to those who can define themselves of who they are. Tricks and Skates will define who you are, and what you can do.

These are a few things that you should expect from this blog:

  1. Beginners or any Skateboarders who want to know more exploration on tricks and basic needs.
  2. Websites and Locations to where you can go get good Skateboard products.
  3. Locations of high quality skateboard parks.
  4. A Discussion board on Skateboard Products and appeals
  5. Community creation among Skateboarders


We are a community, not a hating website. We skateboarders around Hong Kong would love to welcome anyone and everyone who loves to skate be chilling with us. To become an official member of this society, you must change yourself to become one of the skaters by liking our official Facebook page: Street League Skateboarding. Not just that, you must also participate at least 3 skateboard events we host every month or week on skateboarding, skateboard discussions, chill moments, etc. Join now, and you won’t regret being yourself in front of us. Be you.


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