How it Works

Waddup? The community want to know how does a skateboard work, so this is the key components: Decks: Modern decks vary in size, but most are 7 to 10.5 inches (18 to 27 cm) wide. Wider decks can be used for greater stability when skateboarding. Standard skateboard decks are usually between 28 and 33 inches (71... Continue Reading →


Jam it Up!

Hey my homies,   There are these sick playlist that were created by mrmiller12167, who was willing to create a playlist. Please follow this playlist, and many more other playlists.  

Learn The Basics!

10 Easy Beginner Skateboard Tricks If you don't know the fundamentals on how to skate, VLSkate gotchu with his tutorial. Try out these basic training on and tricks to get you started on your skateboard life. Cheers~

SKRT! New skates registered into Thrasher! Check it out

Appeals! 5-panel Hat, Two-Logo Hat, and many more other products are released and looks pretty sick. Newest Products in Thrasher Magazine's Shop SkateBoards! Newly Graphic Designed Skateboard Decks hit the shop and HKIT has recieved a limited deck selling for $792 HKD. Check it out before it is too late Skateboard Decks in HKIT

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